Thursday, March 25, 2021

MTV Show Logos by Beau Tardy in 1992

MTV Show Logos designed by Beau Tardy
in the on-air graphics department at MTV in 1992.
During the regular course of daily duties at MTV as a designer in the on-air graphics and animation department, I was often tasked with coming up with logos for show opens. Often these would be animated, but sometimes the producer just needed a digital logo to take into an edit session and composite it with other footage. These were designed on Quantel V-Series Paintbox and Harriett. The better producers would come in and sit during the session while I designed the logos, others just phoned it in. Some producers became friends and we would spend countless hours in session coming up with great ideas for graphics. These logos are for the more typical MTV fare at the time and were used by the News or Promotions department for their shows. I don't know which ones of these actually made it to air simply because I couldn't afford cable at the time in my little shared tenement apartment on Ave. B in the Lower East Side. They payed us very little and worked us like crazy. But I was happy to get my work on MTV in front of millions of people. 

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