Recent Work

"Blinkwave" digital painting 16" x 20" ©Beau Tardy 2018
Europena painting by Beau Tardy Artist
"European" digital painting 16" x 20" © Beau Tardy Artist 2018

"Temptation part 1" by Beau Tardy 2018. Digital print. Part of the "ELECTRONISM" series.

"Dope." Spray enamel, stencil, acrylic paint markers. Metallic painted frame bonded to canvas. ©2017

'Good Dope' Acrylic, spraypaint on canvas. 24"x30" Beau Tardy©2016

Dope Hype. Aerosol, metallic paint, acrylic on canvas. 22" x 28". ©2016

Banksy Smurfed. Street Art Stencilled on top of Banksy in New Orleans. ©2016

Tattoo. Acrylic & spraypaint on canvas. 30"x24" ©2016

Test Line for Lower Third. Photoshop digital art. ©2015

Heart of Fire. Photoshop. Digital print on canvas. ©2014

Tagged wall installation at Barrister's Gallery in New Orleans. Series of 12 panels of high resolution 5 color HP z-6100 thermal laminated and mounted digital prints. Digitally painted featuring actress Ashley Greene. ©2013

All rights reserved. For more info contact: beautardy (at)usa(dot)net

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