Sunday, April 24, 2022

NFT free giveaway and contest***

New "NFTS are not ART" #NFT by Beau Tardy
Exclusively Available on
NFTS are not ART ©Beau Tardy, Artist 2022. 
Another Pop Media Art Quantum by Beau Tardy, Artist created entirely by technology. 
100 tokens generated. 1 special grand prize token. 10 free tokens. This NFT was created entirely using A.I. Animated gifs made with TextStudio
Music made with Fake Music Generator

Exclusive NFT free giveaway and contest. "NFTS are not ART" by Beau Tardy is available on for only 2 Tezos (approximately = $6.00). Edition of 100 of this NFT have been minted with only a limited number still available. Every owner will have access to a downloadable .mp4 with music and animation. Gif will play on all screens. 
There is no more Art. There is only Technology. I am the new Art Scientist.

Free giveaway: 10 free "NFTS are not ART" tokens will be given away.  To receive a free NFT, follow @DizzyTV on Twitter and @Tardyartist on Instagram. Then leave a comment below explaining what the statement: "There is no more Art. There is only Technology." means for you. Only the first 10 to complete all steps will win a free "NFTS are not ART" NFT by Beau Tardy.

Contest rules: 1 grand prize winner will be picked at random from all owners of the NFT using random list generator from The grand prize is an original painting by Beau Tardy, Artist entitled "HIGH".
"HIGH" original painting by Beau Tardy, Artist.
Acrylic, spraypaint and gold paint on canvas 30x24".
Currently valued at $300 >click here<

*note: The grand prize will only be drawn when at least 50% of tokens have been sold.   

Friday, April 22, 2022

New NFT collection ELECTRONISM on Opensea

ELECTRONISM collection by Beau Tardy. 

Brand new NFT collection ELECTRONISM by Beau Tardy now available on Opensea. This collection features lush electronic art created specifically to be displayed on digital devices large and small. The full-resolution files can be displayed on large monitors as well as phones. These NFTs are each an edition of 1, so each one is unique to the owner. Go to Opensea to see the full collection. More artwork will be continuously added to the collection.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Techne-Logos_001 Art by Beau Tardy, Artist ©2022

 Hello, here is some #NFT news. I will be minting two new NFTs today, one on and one at there will be a free giveaway as well as a special prize. Pretty soon I will switch over from #Mintable to #Bitski for my LaPopSexTVArtShow line. The #ELECTRONISM line will continue on for now. In the meantime here is some free digital art Digital art by Beau Tardy, Artist. Techne-Logos_001. ©2022 🎨👑

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Trick! New NFT by Beau Tardy, Artist.

Trick! New NFT by Beau Tardy, Artist. ©2022

The 'Trick' is that one thing appears as another. Is it real or is it Memorex? The digital dots carry the minds eye quite freely of the minds will. Why are you hungry when you watch TV? What are you thinking about now? Is it merely decoration or does it mean something else? Part of the LaPopSexTVArtShow collection originally premiered at Barrister's Gallery. 

Available now as a unique NFT (1/1) on by Beau Tardy, Artist.

>>click here<<


Thursday, January 13, 2022

New NFT at


First NFT minted at / Price 1 Tezos / Edition of 10,000

For me as an internationally awarded media artist the purpose of NFTs goes beyond minting recycled Tumblr gifs for nerd boys to collect. What I do and say as an artist is paradigmatic. 
I am a sniper. I see ten years ahead. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

New NFT Collection 'Shiny Objects'

Shiny Object #1. Digital Art by Beau Tardy. ©2018-2021
I am close to launching my new NFT collection called 'Shiny Objects'. It features brilliant and unique digital art specifically designed for large format or mobile screen display. This series was created as part of an effort to create new art everyday for a period of six months. What I discovered was that in working this way, I could build momentum and every new piece is informed by the work created before it. The progression is not linear but the discoveries are sometimes surprising. It is a form of channeled creative freedom, which is very different from the way I typically work. This methodology is very productive and comes from years of doing digital work for TV networks and broadcasters, where there are demands on a daily basis. Doing art on a daily basis focuses the effort and is a great way to put together a collection of new work.
Shiny Objects Collection. ©Beau Tardy 2018-2021
Only the best pieces will be made available. You will not be able to access this art any other way as all other online copies of the art contain watermarks and are purposely down-rezed (low resolution quality). This is the only way to obtain full resolution, non-watermarked, authentically sourced art directly from the creator to display as it was meant to be displayed. The first collection will contain 20 unique digital pieces and will be available to purchase as NFTs once I have decided which NFT platform to publish them will work best. I will inform you of the minting here on this website. Up until now I have been using but they have not been very helpful and so I am thinking of changing platform. Also my social media feeds will progressively shut down as I vehemently oppose censorship and their using my art for their profit without sharing any profits with the creators. I will keep you informed on this website. Thank you for checking in.

Monday, June 7, 2021

💫💥NFTs Coming Soon!

 💫💥NFTs Coming Soon!

ASCII Art ©Beau Tardy 2021
So it looks like the heat is off Ethereum gas prices a little and that might be good news. I am looking to mint a nice collection of NFTs in the next few days if I can get to not charge me super high fees. I will keep you posted and hopefully you will excited by my first official collection of NFTs. Keep an eye out and keep following me on this website as I no longer post on social media. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Digital Art NFTs

Ego Trip by Beau Tardy ©2018
Digital Art

I am working on ways to mint my digital art as NFTs. The process is costly up front however. I would like to make more of my digital art available to everyone. Let me know if you would be willing to buy digital art NFTs and if you see the value in it. I would love to know what you think about this new form of art.