Wednesday, July 14, 2021

New NFT Collection 'Shiny Objects'

Shiny Object #1. Digital Art by Beau Tardy. ©2018-2021
I am close to launching my new NFT collection called 'Shiny Objects'. It features brilliant and unique digital art specifically designed for large format or mobile screen display. This series was created as part of an effort to create new art everyday for a period of six months. What I discovered was that in working this way, I could build momentum and every new piece is informed by the work created before it. The progression is not linear but the discoveries are sometimes surprising. It is a form of channeled creative freedom, which is very different from the way I typically work. This methodology is very productive and comes from years of doing digital work for TV networks and broadcasters, where there are demands on a daily basis. Doing art on a daily basis focuses the effort and is a great way to put together a collection of new work.
Shiny Objects Collection. ©Beau Tardy 2018-2021
Only the best pieces will be made available. You will not be able to access this art any other way as all other online copies of the art contain watermarks and are purposely down-rezed (low resolution quality). This is the only way to obtain full resolution, non-watermarked, authentically sourced art directly from the creator to display as it was meant to be displayed. The first collection will contain 20 unique digital pieces and will be available to purchase as NFTs once I have decided which NFT platform to publish them will work best. I will inform you of the minting here on this website. Up until now I have been using but they have not been very helpful and so I am thinking of changing platform. Also my social media feeds will progressively shut down as I vehemently oppose censorship and their using my art for their profit without sharing any profits with the creators. I will keep you informed on this website. Thank you for checking in.