Art is Media. Media is Art.
 I sample from everything.
I am an Art Scientist.

***My new and revised terms and conditions***

Right after the congressional hearings on Facebook where Zuckerberg showed himself to be an Orwellian doublespeak agent, they changed the algorithm at Instagram. Immediately my android tablet crashed and I had to do a complete reset losing all my apps, photos, videos, music, etc. Additionally my posts on instagram went from getting 100+ likes to 7. That's right, SEVEN! At this point Facebook and Instagram have become mind control gulags. There is no rationale for my art being censored, throttled, downgraded, hidden or ghettoized. I reject them. The arbitrary whims of technocrats who posit themselves as cultural wranglers is not in conjunction with my world view insofar as my content and artistic production are not theirs to abuse as they please. THEY SHOULD BE PAYING FOR THE PRIVILEGE TO USE MY CONTENT. Unless and until there is a fair compensation system put in place for content producers and/ or a VERIFIABLE level playing field, my content will no longer be theirs to pilfer and profit from. From now on my content will be displayed the way I intend on a website that I control. 

Please enjoy my art, buy it and support me as an artist. 

Thank you.

Beau Tardy Artist